AzDude: Congrats Sed
willistuder: Bonsoir.
sed: Glad to hear you're alright Mike!
willistuder: A whole day off from rain today, but more tomorrow.
AzDude: All clear and warm at Big Bear Lake
willistuder: It's a Good Night from me.
sed: We are getting a brief TOUCH of Cindy
willistuder: Biblical rains here. This is my 19th summer here, and we have a little lake in a low spot that has never been this bad.
willistuder: Bonne Nuit.
sed: Storm coming up from the gulf
willistuder: Nice day here.
cliff: Good Morning
willistuder: Au Revoir.
willistuder: Greetings.
cliff: Good Morning
willistuder: Bonsoir.
sed: There's a bad Forest fire up by Bear Lake????????????
willistuder: Aye.
willistuder: Good Night.
sed: Back to 70s here too