willistuder: Aye.
willistuder: Bonne Nuit.
sed: ThankZ Peeps ... An oldie I held back on
digitalpix4all: Congrats, sed.
willistuder: ...and, the winner is: Sed
AzDude: Congrats Sed
willistuder: It's a Good Night.
willistuder: Greetings.
sed: RIGHT.... Nothing happens
willistuder: Au Revoir.
willistuder: Nothing happens when I click mine. You must be special...
sed: <-- I click this and it goes blank --- Try yours!
willistuder: It's the morning...
willistuder: Say what??
sed: Does anyone KNOW that there is ONE problem?? I click on my NAME and it goes blank??
sed: Mr D is a very BZ person
willistuder: Greetings and salutations.
willistuder: Bonsoir.
willistuder: Hey Darren.
ShippD: Hello hello