willistuder: Bonne Nuit, eh.
willistuder: Once in awhile WC.
sed: IN FACT......... Where else do I see you ????
sed: If there were to be one more it should be YOURS willisT You and I seem to be closing this out!
willistuder: Aye.
willistuder: Say Good Night, willi.
willistuder: Actually, there should be one more.
sed: Just noticed it said FINAL FEATURE .... Sad I always enjoyed this site and all the peeps!
willistuder: Greetings.
willistuder: The eclipse was boring here, probably the same in Cleveland.
willistuder: Au Revoir.
willistuder: About 3/4.
sed: Can Canada see some of the Eclipse John??
willistuder: ...and Good Morning.
willistuder: Bonsoir.
sed: Its Zunday nite .... Look what I missed this morn!!!
AzDude: Congrats Sed
digitalpix4all: Congrats, sed.